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Steve (Moderator)
How the CIA Referral Network Works
Date: Aug 28, 2008 5:33:34 PM PDT
Author: Steve (Moderator)

If you remember, we had talked about creating an employment agency, but we decided a voluntary Referral Network would be better for you guys. Here’s how it works:
1. You email us and sign up to be part of our Referral Network;
2. If this is your first storm, team up with a partner for your first deployment – perhaps someone who has the equipment that you lack would make a good choice;
3. Email us back and keep your phone handy, read your email and be prepared for deployment;
4. Once we know you’re on board with the CIA Referral Network, we will negotiate a generous fee on your behalf with a reputable IA firm. This gives you and us tremendous clout in regard to all negotiations with these IA firms;
5. We will let you know who the right contact person will be for the IA firm we place you with and you will then set up a scheduled time to meet with them for an onsite orientation;
6. Being a part of our Employment Referral Network gives you access to valuable field support – questions answered daily during a CAT event - this question posting board!
Rather than the IA firm paying us directly for all of you and then we paying you (to guarantee our fee), we will have them pay you directly, then you simply pay us out of every check you receive based on the honor system. That means every paycheck you receive on your first storm, you send us a check for 10% of that check along with a photocopy of each paystub as well. On your second storm, if you want to remain a part of the Referral Network, then the fee will be only 5% from then on.
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